We're Focused on YOUR Health.

We source ingredients for Greenstraw the SAME way we shop for our children - with health as the first priority.

Quality ingredients are critical to our approach to Greenstraw. For example, we source our nuts and seeds from Europe where they remain unpasteurized and truly raw.

We source from local farms when seasonally possible, local honey, and balance local produce with organic fruits and vegetables, prioritizing those from EWG's dirty dozen.

We use principles of holistic health in designing our recipes, which took years of trial and error. We're proud to call Bucks County our home and so appreciative of our wonderful employees and the loyal customers who make it all happen.

-- Kelly Anne


I wish there were more. It's a place I trust with making the best smoothies and juices and any food with the finest ingredients and so good! Staff is excellent knows their nutritional information!

Margaret R

Love love love this place!

Julia D

Such an amazing menu of healthy choices!

JoAnna H

The smoothies here are some of the best around. I'll drive past 2 different Smoothie chain stores to get the real deal at Greenstraw.

Chris J