Try New Thawsome Bowls!

Our acai bowls at greenstraw are the ABSOLUTE healthiest! Made with organic ingredients, no sugar added, they're the best!  But you can't always get here, so grab some Thawsome bowls to pack for school or work lunches!

Thawsome bowls are made right here in Newtown, PA from the best tropical and local ingredients!

Our recipes are designed by a holistic health coach, so you know they're truly healthy!  We use organic, local new jersey blueberries, local raw honey, and locally roasted organic peanut butter!  Plus our acai is 100% organic with no added sugars or thickeners!

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When your ingredients are selected by a certified holistic health coach, you know your health is the number one priority.  Try these bowls  - they're nutrient dense so they're filling and delicious!

original, classic, organic acai bowl
A fan favorite, with organic locally roasted PB
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