greenstraw was born out of a belief that food can heal

When I started my family, I realized I didn't know what to feed my children.  I decided to learn more and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  This was back in the day when alternative health was truly alternative - Dr. Oz, Andrew Weil, and David Wolfe appeared in person to tell us all how foods can heal the human body, and that the body is intended to heal itself.  This is a radical statement, but one I truly believe.

I started out with whole foods.  I learned how incrediblly important vegetables and specifically greens were to the human body.  I started all of my children out with veggies, fruits and foods like organic tofu on their high chair trays.  They learned young what real food should taste like.  We avoided sugar for as long as possible, getting our sweet treats from fruits mainly.   We had three beautiful YOUNG children when our youngest came along.  For whatever reason, he refused all vegetables.  It completely frustrated me but I wouldn't give up.  I developed green smoothies that hid the greens among the fruits - they were an easy way to make sure our children got the nutrients they needed.

As I made the smoothies and kept moving along on my health journey I realized there wasn't a place nearby where I could stop "on the go" and grab something truly healthy for my children.  My husband and I resolved to change that.  We worked for 2 years on perfecting the recipes and decided that "greens in your straw" could be a great brand called "greenstraw."

I designed all of our recipes as a health coach and a Mom.  We buy mainly organic produce, buying conventional only when approved by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), or when it's locally sourced and sustainable practices are used.  It's the same way we shop at home.

We also use non-certified farms who use organic practices because they're local and local food is FRESH. We use whole food ingredients in everything we make. We constantly educate ourselves on ingredient quality, and never use hydrogenated oils, high fructose or any artificial sweeteners.

We order organic nuts and seeds from Europe where they are not irradiated.  This means they are TRULY raw and the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST QUALITY you can buy in the world.  We combine these organic imported ingredients with organic coconut oil and organic raw honey to create our own organic granola to top our bowls (you can buy it bagged too!).  We use 100% organic pitaya and 100% organic acai for our bowls - it's the 100% PURE fruit that's frozen with no added sugars or stabilizers.  That's why you'll hear us smashing it and cracking it apart before we blend it into your bowl!  We believe they're the absolute healthiest bowls you can buy!

We specialize in smoothies and smoothie bowls, but are also known for our organic cold-pressed juices, homemade soups, banana whips and healthy snacks.  Please give us a try!  You can be assured that walking in the door you can choose anything on the menu and know it's truly healthy!

Farm Partners & Local Suppliers

  • Sweet Victory
  • Luv Foods
  • The Coffee Scoop
  • Helens Pure Foods
  • Steaz Teas
  • Stoney Lane Organic Farm
  • 911 Honey
  • Little Buck Farm