About Us
We source ingredients for greenstraw the SAME way we shop for our children - with health as the first priority. All of our recipes are designed by a certified holistic health coach. We buy mainly organic produce, buying conventional only when approved by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), or when it's locally sourced and sustainable practices are used. We also use non-certified farms who use organic practices. We use whole food ingredients in everything we make. We constantly educate ourselves on ingredient quality, and never use hydrogenated oils, high fructose or any artificial sweeteners. We specialize in green smoothies, but are also known for our cold-pressed juices, fruit, specialty, and seasonal smoothies, and healthy snacks

Farm Partners & Local Suppliers
Sweet Victory
Luv Foods
The Coffee Scoop
Helens Pure Foods
Steaz Teas
Newtown Business Association
Stoney Lane Organic Farm
911 Honey
Little Buck Farm
Other seasonal farm suppliers